• People

    What do your prospects, customers, fans, followers and critics all have in common? They are all people, and people can be very unpredictable. At MediaSolve we help bring certainty to marketing programs by carefully observing how people interact with content and understanding what moves them ahead in their buying process. This information is used to create campaigns that offer targets high value content in exchange for their high value contact information. And while we are only human, it is an equation that we know works to ensure that you will consistently meet or exceed your own marketing goals.

  • Promotion

    You’ve heard of pie ala mode, well we think it is time to think of media ala mode. For those of you dreaming of your favorite ice cream flavor, we ask that you put down your forks and put on your thinking caps. “A la mode” refers to something that is fashionable. We all know that fashion is ever changing and so are media habits. We see it all the time with the ebbing and flowing of social media, print, newsletters, etc. At MediaSolve we think it is important to understand that targets’ media consumption habits change over time and change based on demographics like age. That is why our programs leverage a variety of media, continuously optimized to drive results.

  • Publishing

    Think quick – name the 2 factors that are most important to you when you are searching for information to help you solve an immediate problem – is it content that you can trust? content that is on topic? or content that is in a specific format? Studies have shown that for most people it is all about trust and topic. So stop worrying about whether you should create a video, a whitepaper, or a podcast. Spend your time like we do, thinking of the questions your targets are asking and creating great content that helps answer those challenges. Do that, and you are MediaSolving.

  • Performance

    When was the last time you gave someone a standing ovation? It doesn’t happen too often and when it does, it is because something really special happened. Perhaps your expectations were exceeded, perhaps you were really impressed with the talent of an individual or group. We think standing ovations do not happen enough in business and that is why we measure the performance of every campaign that we develop. We think you will quickly get used to our idea of making it easy for you to accomplish your sales and marketing goals. And if we hear you clapping, please know that we greatly appreciate it.

MediaSolve is a next generation brand development firm that is all about using content to create high value exchanges between marketers and prospects. Our multimedia marketing programs create, aggregate and share content that readers are actively seeking – making it easy for prospects to gain the insight necessary to advance their buy cycle and producing measurable results for sponsors..

MediaSolve programs are different because of the content that they use. Program content is focused on a topic of interest and then created by our experienced editorial team, aggregated from the web by knowledgeable site managers or collected from sponsoring vendors. The results are remarkable. High value content accelerates the prospects’ buying cycle, drives lead generation, and positions sponsors as thought leaders and educators. For vendors and media partners, this content-centric approach helps differentiate their company and solutions.

With our years of experience in corporate marketing and publishing, MediaSolve understands the pressures that our vendor and media partners face. That’s why our programs are designed to make it easy for our customers to achieve their objectives. Our marketing strategy, content creation, and full project management ensure a smooth and timely execution with guaranteed results.