Author: Dan Hirsh

Dan Hirsh entered the media business nearly 10 years ago to lead the turnaround and growth of a series of B2B publications. Hirsh is adept at leveraging online and social media, marketing, and project strategy and execution to increase market share, improve margin, and enhance reader experience. As publisher of IDG’s NetworkWorld, Hirsh increased the publication’s profitability and grew the online business by more than 20%.  He developed and led a custom publishing team, responsible for conceiving and executing custom online programs and delivering more than $3 Million to the corporate top line in the first 12 months of operations.

Remember to Include Your Sales Channel in Your Social Media Communications

Life and information moves faster than ever in today’s always-on world. To take advantage of this speed, many B2B companies have launched content marketing programs designed to engage their prospects and customers. These companies are regularly pushing out high value content through blogs, emails and social media. Those doing the job right, are sharing information about how to apply their product, supplying educational information, or helping customers evaluate alternatives.